Accessibilities Committee

Accessibilities Committee Mission: “Respect for the dignity of others is the foundation for all our efforts to carry the message to alcoholics with diverse need, with emphasis on identification rather than on how we are different.” – The A.A. Guidelines on Accessibility for All Alcoholics

Committee Meets:


Accessibilities Committee Guidelines:

Become familiar with workbook and other materials pertaining to this committee. When possible, make effort to inform members on the multiple aspects of types of accessibility needs in order to raise awareness in helping to carry the message to as many members and suffering alcoholics as possible. Also when possible, gather information from groups about how they address any accessibility needs within their community.

Committee Chair Contact:

Accessibilities – open. accessibilitie’s e-mail 

Service Opportunities:

Looking for committee service members to join District 3b 3c as we carry the message to those with accessibilityl needs. This is a new committee, so if you are interested in volunteering please reach out to Rosi S.

Want to measure the accessibility of your meeting and report back to the committee to pass along to members in need? 

This group survey will help: Group Accessibilities Survey

Current Happenings/Events:

AA Deaf Intergroup has created a website that includes a calendar of meetings with ASL interpreters throughout Central Texas. More information can be found at

To contribute online, please see the link above and click on the box for “make a contribution” or send your contributions to:

PO Box 90674
Austin, Tx 78709-0674

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Hill Country Intergroup is providing information on meetings connecting on the internet.
You may contact HCI at to provide information for internet meetings to be posted on the intergroup website.

Worldwide internet meetings can be located at the Online Intergroup: Alcoholics Anonymous
Please note that this website is getting hit by large numbers everyday.

American Sign Language meetings are being conducted through the internet. Contact the Central Texas Deaf AA Intergroup

Reminder: GSO provides a link to Understanding Anonymity which explains clearly what anonymity means both within and outside A.A.

Alcoholics Anonymous: GSO provides updates.

GSO: shared experience around meetings online.

AA Grapevine: They are providing FREE access to most of Grapevine 2020.

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