[new] DISTRICT INVENTORY, October 2nd at Bridge to Shore

The District Inventory will be held 10/2/22, 2pm at the Bridge to Shore Group at 4214 Capitol of Texas Highway


1.    What is the basic purpose of the District Committee?

2.    What additional activities can we engage in, to carry the message?

3.    Considering the number of alcoholics in our district, are we reaching enough people?

4.    What has the District done lately to bring the AA message to the attention of professionals who can be helpful in reaching those who are in need of A.A.?

5.    Do we try to illustrate a good cross section of A.A. in our message carrying?

6.    Do new G.S.R.’s stick with us, or does our turnover and missed meetings seem excessive?

7.    How effective are we in communicating with all our groups?

8.    Do all AA’s know about district meetings and have the opportunity to attend?

9.    Has enough effort been made to explain to all, the value and purpose of a G.S.R.?

10.    Do all G.S.R.’s have adequate opportunity to serve on committees?

11.    Are district officers picked with care and consideration?

12.    Do our groups carry their fair share of supporting the Area and the General Service Office (GSO)?

13.    How well are our groups informed about what is happening in A.A. worldwide? 14. Are our District meetings informative and enthusiastic?

We ask that you consider these questions prior to the District Inventory and suggest that you share with your Group members.  District 3B3C wishes to express our deepest gratitude for Southwest Texas Area 68 Past Delegates Yolanda F and Jamie W for their willingness to facilitate this Inventory.