Archives Committee

Archive Committee Mission: To preserve the AA message and carry it to other alcoholics. To preserve the history of our fellowship to prevent distortion. To cooperate with and support other AA archives and archivists working within AA’s service structure and the 12 Traditions.

Archive Committee Guidelines

Committee Meets:

4th Saturday of each month at 5PM online only. Email Dawn for access via link. 

Committee Chair Contact:

Dawn M. – Dawn M e-mail

Service Opportunities:

My goal during Panel 72 is to get as many group history and oral history forms into the archives as possible. I want to preserve our Central Texas History, and there is no better way than to get first-hand accounts of what AA used to be like, what has happened through the years, and how AA is changing in our district.

If your group has not completed a group history form, I would love to get one for your group in the archive!!  There is a guide below from G.S.O. to help your group gather a history archive to submit.

Additionally, if you have any old-timers you would like to sit down and get their story, the oral history form is below for your guidance.


Researching A.A. Group History Form

Group History Form District 3b3c

Old Timer Oral History Form

Current Happenings/Events: